Canticle I

From the Prophecy of Isaiah (1983)

tenor and piano


Premiered by Alan Denning and Mark Ensley in April, 1983 at Hill Hall, Chapel Hill, NC.

(version for tenor and orchestra)

Performed on April 13, 1985 by the Bucks County Symphony Orchestra, Doylestown, PA; Karl Middleman, conductor.

Canticle II

From the Second Letter to Timothy (1989)       

tenor and piano 


Commissioned and premiered by Jason Oby on April 4, 1989 at the Manhattan School of Music, New York City.

Canticle III

From the Writings of John Donne (1992)

mezzo-soprano and piano


Commissioned and premiered by Sherrill Ducharme on May 5, 1992 at St. Peter's Lutheran Church, New York City.